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Breast Implant Illness ~ Real Courageous Stories of Triumph

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For 13 years I searched for an answer to why I was so so sick.  In December of 2018 I found out about Breast Implant Illness and began researching and reading everything I possibly could.  May 16, 2019 I explanted and my life was saved by Dr. Batra in Del Mar, California.  My hope is that I can help save women from suffering without any answers and help save many more lives.  


Breast Implant Illness Steals The Light From Within A Woman

"Her smile never reached here eyes."  This is a quote I heard recently describing a woman with Breast Implant Illness and it is pretty accurate.  

It's very hard to describe the damage Breast Implant Illness does to a life and soul.  To put it into words is nearly impossible because the endless 

torment and havoc it wreaks is immeasurable.

Bii supresses and takes away the light from within.  

It's like someone inserted emotion supressing software deep within your brain.

It feels like your inner light has been ripped from deep within your soul.  

Leaving you to feel like you don't know yourself anymore.  

You know your light is there...somewhere...but you are unable to access it.

It's a very frusterating situation to remember and crave the light that used to light your soul on fire, but be literally unable to find it.

Explanting sets you free and allows you to be your full self again.

I'm here to walk beside you every single step of the way.


Explanting Saves Lives

I was slowly dying before I explanted.  It's like slowly being poisioned to death over many years.  The beautiful news is that explanting saves your life and releases you back into your full self again.  It is so beautiful to see victims of breast implant illness come back to life within a day of explanting.

We are here to walk beside you

You no longer have to feel alone


Breast Implant Illness can be very lonley, especially since the FDA just admitted implants can make you sick in May of 2019.

You may have had relatives or friends not understand or be compassionate to why 

you have been sick for so long.  

We understand and support you 100%.  

You are not a bad mother. 

You are not a bad wife.

You are not a bad friend.

You are not a bad sister.

You are not a bad daughter.

You are not a bad person.

Breast Implant Illness has made you very sick and taken your life away from you.

The Decision to Explant


When I first found out about Breast Implant Illness it was overwhelming both emotionally and physically.  Be gentle with yourself during the process of discovery, finding a plastic surgeon, and deciding to explant.   

Searching For Answers


For years I searched for an answer to why I was so sick.  13 years later I found out I had breast implant illness.  My breast implants were making me sick the whole time.  

When I had my plastic surgery to get my breast implants 13 years ago I was never informed that anything bad could happen to my health.  

I'm here to tell you breast implants can make you very sick.  Breast Implant Illness is real and happening to hundreds of thousands of women world wide.

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We are here to walk beside you!

Please contact us with any questions you may have about Breast Implant Illness.  We would love to help in any way we can.
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