Detox After Explant

Now that you have explanted detoxing your body is VERY important!

Explanting is only your first step towards healing from breast implant illness. 

My number one recommendation is to let your body NATURALLY DETOX for at least 6 months after your explant surgery.  Relax and drink lots of lemon water.

Please do not start any detox protocols for at least 6 months.  Your body is incredible and will do what it needs to do to heal for the first 6 months.  After 6 months if you are still experiencing detox waves then you can start to help your body detox.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that 

#1 All your symptoms may not be healed by explanting alone. 

#2 Detoxing is very very very important to heal your body from the remaining effects of breast implant illness.

#3 You will experience WAVES of detoxing after you explant.  

Do not be alarmed if symptoms return or haven't gone away after you explant.  Please remember every body is different and heals different.  It is very normal for your body to hang on to symptoms, for symptoms to go away and then come back for a short time, or take longer than you expected.  Be kind to yourself and to your body by giving it the time it needs to heal.  

It can take 3-4 years to be completely rid of the harmful effects of breast implant illness.

I am still working on my personal detox process and will outline it here when I have completed it.  Until then here are a couple of Facebook groups with some great support for your detox process.

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