What is a proper explant?

When explanting you want an en bloc or a total capsuectomy with no exceptions.

This section of the website will be filled in shortly.  The important thing to remember is that 100% of the capsule needs to be removed via enbloc / total capsulectomy.  Don't settle for less or let someone that is not a expert at explants, an inexperienced doctor, or someone who is not a doctor tell you otherwise.  

The question you need to ask yourself is do you really want to risk staying sick because the capsule or piece of a capsule was left inside your body?

What is an en bloc? What is a total capsulectomy?

An en bloc is when a plastic surgeon takes the implant and the capsule out in one piece, without any holes in the capsule.  This is very important to avoid any further contamination to the body.

If there are any holes made in the capsule surrounding the implant during an en bloc procedure or if the capsule is taken out in more than one piece, it is no longer considered an en bloc, it is then considered a total capsulectomy.